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The OC Swim Club exists to create opportunities for everyone in our communities to have positive encounters with the aquatic environments we love and share.  

Club founder, Bruckner Chase, completed his first triathlon in 1984 and his first Ironman distance race in 1985.  From a time when the first wetsuits were neon pink and 140.6 was a mystery to the masses the swim has always been the race director's and the competitor's most fear laden race segment.  With the exponential increase in participation of new athletes and an increase in first time events with inadequate knowledge of the aquatic environment we have seen first hand the risk poorly planned swim courses and inadequate athlete preparation can present to the individual and the organization.  

Drawing on a wealth of experience, training and expertise our team can help plan the best swim course and develop race specific tools to help athletes prepare for the conditions and distances they will encounter.  We can work with race organizers at any point along their event development process assisting with a variety of components from staffing to safety plan development.

We have a deep respect for our marine environment developed from years of competing, coaching and guarding the waters we love.  Stories from around the world have shown that anything can happen in the open water at even the most prestigious events and even to the most well trained athletes.  We also know that putting on safe races that can consistently draw a full field of athletes is becoming a challenge as more events are launched targeting the same athlete demographic.  Our goal is to insure both the race organizers and the athletes have positive experiences in the water and on land.

What we tell our athletes is also what we suggest to new or veteran race organizations: "Don't let what you don't know or what you think you know about the ocean and your ability in the water limit what you can accomplish."

Service Examples

  • Site evaluations
  • Governing agency communications
  • Test swims
  • Development of race's aquatic action and operations plan
  • In-water training sessions
  • Online informational and training videos
  • Recommended training plans for athletes
  • Social media content
  • Equipment procurement
  • Pre-race presentations
  • Marketing narrative development

Collaborative Partners & Alliances


NOAA National Weather Service

“The purpose of this statement of work is to establish a formal collaboration with the renown, respected and experienced coastal advocate, Bruckner Chase. Bruckner is an endurance waterman and ocean advocate whose 2010 solo, twenty-eight mile swim across Monterey Bay launched the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and his own full-time career as an endurance waterman and ocean advocate committed to moving others from awareness to personal, sustainable action that benefits our oceans and our communities. Bruckner brings an intimate knowledge of feet-in-the-sand/surf experience with lifeguards and local emergency management officials, which can assist the NWS in its mission to reduce/prevent deaths due to beach hazards such as dangerous waves and currents. 

The collaboration with Bruckner Chase offers a unique opportunity to tap into a broad resource which tentacles to many coastal community facets valuable to the NWS. The NWS expects to enhance public awareness in new and innovative ways on the danger of rip currents and also provide an avenue to gather data and information that would otherwise be unavailable.” - NOAA CRADA TT-00205, Executed by:

· Louis W Uccellini, PhD, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Weather Service

· Benjamin Friedman, NOAA Deputy Under Secretary for Operations

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